“DMV Omelette and More is without question one of best catering experiences in the DMV.
The quality of the food options are superb only matched by the exquisite visual presentation and supreme persona of the chefs We can’t wait to schedule another event soon to feed my appetite and palate with the magic of DMV Omelette and More!”

Greg and Vickie Thrasher

“Incredible food quality and distinctive flavors for the “foodies!”
The DMV Omettlette & More team presented an impressive set-up, complemented by outstanding personalized service. My husband and I were truly honored by the servicemen’s genuine love for preparing a great meal and were admired by everyone in attendance.”

Donnie and Ethel Mangum

“Our experience with DMV was a delightful quality service.  They are professional, friendly and the food is quite tasty.  The ingredients were fresh, prepared to individual preferences and dietary restrictions.  We highly recommend to contact them for your catering needs and we plan to use them again…soon.”

A and A Chase

DMV Omelettes & More (Chef Matthew Chambliss and Chef William Guthrie) turned a friend’s birthday celebration into an evening to remember!

The event was so elegant! Chef Chambliss and Chef Guthrie were dressed in the traditional white chef uniforms, hats and all! The food was displayed so beautifully! There were several fruit platters with a mix of fresh pineapples, grapes, melons, etc. on skewers for easy handling! A choice of salads and dressings were also available to compliment the meal. The main dish consisted of different varieties of pasta, shrimp, chicken and all the fresh vegetables you can imagine! They also had a variety of homemade sauces to choose from that just added to the scrumptious flavor!

The guests could tell they loved their “craft” by their attention to every detail! The setting was so graceful and inviting! They greeted each guest with a smile and they were so professional! Good times, good fellowship and amazing food!!! I highly recommend DMV Omelettes & More for your next special event!

Denise Polk