About Us

Other factors that drive us

We are passionate about who we are, what we do, and the guest we serve.

We are proud, enthusiastic, and dedicated to delivering excellence to each guest experience.

We act with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

We win together as a team, through leadership, accountability, giving back, and fun.

Matthew Chambliss (Matt)
23 years of service in the Navy rangesĀ from Aircraft Carrier to Presidential support as a Culinary Specialist. Managing culinary production for over 5,500 sailors to working in the White House Mess, State Dinners, and Camp David.

I attribute my love for cooking to watching my late mother, Sarah Chambliss, in the kitchen as a child.

She showed me how to prepare gourmet meals from scratch and stressed the importance of presentation and good customer service. I carried that love and passion when I decided to start a catering business.

William Guthrie (Will)

22 years of service in the Air Force was in the field of communications, ranging from computer software programming to acquiring and fielding satellite bandwidth for the department of defense.

My passion for the culinary arts began at home cooking for three boys and wife before pursuing a formal culinary education.

That training taught me that feeding the soul and seeing warm hearts and smiles was what I wanted to do. The military taught me that perseverance, faith, and commitment were key aspects to life.